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Potential Neutralizing Antibodies Discovered for Novel Corona Virus Using Machine Learning

The fast and untraceable virus mutations take lives of thousands of people before the immune system can produce the inhibitory antibody. Recent outbreak of novel coronavirus infected and killed thousands of people in the world. Rapid methods in finding peptides or antibody sequences that can inhibit the viral epitopes of COVID-19 will save the life…
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Weakly-Supervised Prediction of Cell Migration Modes in Confocal Microscopy Images Using Bayesian Deep Learning

Cell migration is pivotal for their development, physiology and disease treatment. A single cell on a 2D surface can utilize continuous or discontinuous migration modes. To comprehend the cell migration, an adequate quantification for single cell-based analysis is crucial. An automatized approach could alleviate tedious manual analysis, facilitating large-scale drug screening. Supervised deep learning has…
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