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Semi-supervised machine learning facilitates cell colocalization and tracking in intravital microscopy

2-photon intravital microscopy (2P-IVM) is a key technique to investigate cell migration and cell-to-cell interactions in organs and tissues of living organisms. Focusing on immunology, 2P-IVM allowed recording videos of leukocytes during the immune response, highlighting unprecedented mechanisms of the immune system. However, the automatic analysis of the acquired videos remains challenging and poorly reproducible.…
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Accurate cell tracking and lineage construction in live-cell imaging experiments with deep learning

Live-cell imaging experiments have opened an exciting window into the behavior of living systems. While these experiments can produce rich data, the computational analysis of these datasets is challenging. Single-cell analysis requires that cells be accurately identified in each image and subsequently tracked over time. Increasingly, deep learning is being used to interpret microscopy image…
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DeLTA: Automated cell segmentation, tracking, and lineage reconstruction using deep learning

Microscopy image analysis is a major bottleneck in quantification of single-cell microscopy data, typically requiring human supervision and curation, which limit both accuracy and throughput. To address this, we developed a deep learning-based image analysis pipeline that performs segmentation, tracking, and lineage reconstruction. Our analysis focuses on time-lapse movies of Escherichia coli cells trapped in…
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