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Mother machine image analysis with MM3

The mother machine is a microfluidic device for high-throughput time-lapse imaging of microbes. Here, we present MM3, a complete and modular image analysis pipeline. MM3 turns raw mother machine images, both phase contrast and fluorescence, into a data structure containing cells with their measured features. MM3 employs machine learning and non-learning algorithms, and is implemented…
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Facetto: Combining Unsupervised and Supervised Learning for Hierarchical Phenotype Analysis in Multi-Channel Image Data

Facetto is a scalable visual analytics application that is used to discover single-cell phenotypes in high-dimensional multi-channel microscopy images of human tumors and tissues. Such images represent the cutting edge of digital histology and promise to revolutionize how diseases such as cancer are studied, diagnosed, and treated. Highly multiplexed tissue images are complex, comprising 10^9…
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