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Machine Learning and Optimal Control of Enzyme Activities to Preserve Solvent Capacity in the Cell

Experimental measurements or computational model predictions of the post-translational regulation of enzymes needed in a metabolic pathway is a difficult problem. Consequently, regulation is mostly known only for well-studied reactions of central metabolism in various model organisms. In this study, we utilize two approaches to predict enzyme regulation policies and investigate the hypothesis that regulation…
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Kinetic profiling of metabolic specialists demonstrates stability and consistency of in vivo enzyme turnover numbers

Enzyme turnover numbers (kcats) are essential for a quantitative understanding of cells. Because kcats are traditionally measured in low-throughput assays, they are often noisy, non-physiological, inconsistent, and labor-intensive to obtain. We use a data-driven approach to estimate in vivo kcats using metabolic specialist E. coli strains that resulted from gene knockouts in central metabolism followed…
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