How to contribute

Get involved!

We invite you to join our development efforts on GitHub, the conversations on our forums and our chat channel #genular (IRC), also accessible via webchat.

Do you want to get a certain improvement in SIMON? Did you find a problem? Do you want to help translate, promote or document SIMON ?

Become part of the Community!

If you wish to be part of open-source community that is promoting open-science aswell we would love to hear from you. Here are the places you can help.

Contributing, writing code

Contributing, optimizing and reviewing code is always much appricated!

Answer questions about SIMON use and development

Join the genular forums!
Please be considerate of our code of conduct. We want to provide a positive and enjoyable environment for everybody.


Help others use and understand SIMON.

Spread the word, record tutorial, make a presentation at your work, school .. Organize a local meetup!

But most important!
Like us on github and spread the word to others!