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SIMON – machine learning software to the world

We at genular are happy to announce the release of our one of a kindMachine Learning Software – SIMON. In line with our mission of bringing reusable, user-friendly, executable and reproducible machine learning to the community, we have designed and developed SIMON as an open source automated machine learning software. All thanks to our vibrant…
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The FluPRINT dataset, a multidimensional analysis of the influenza vaccine imprint on the immune system

Recent advances in machine learning have allowed identification of molecular and cellular factors that underly successful antibody responses to influenza vaccines. Results of these studies have revealed the high level of complexity necessary to establish influenza immunity, and many different cellular and molecular components involved. However, identified correlates of protection, as measured by antibody responses…
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We are genular – the future of private automated machine learning

We think that already by now you should be able to do machine learning by yourself, even if you don’t have necessary resources to do so! We help you achieve that: powerful, flexible, open-source and easy to use automated machine learning knowledge discovery platform. We are genular, an open source community behind SIMON. We are…
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