About us

Our mission is to bring machine learning closer to community by making it more reusable, user-friendly, executable and reproducible

In recent years, we are witnessing the rise of new scientific fields, mainly because of advancements in processing power, novel technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), in particular. Flood of data we are generating holds promise to unravel novel discoveries which will lead to global technological advancements, including improvement of health through precision medicine. While application of AI algorithms can help us accomplish this overarching goal, we need tools to extract meaningful information from the ever-growing data. And those tools should be available to everyone, specifically to domain knowledge experts and decision makers. We need to empower the power makers in order to bring change.

Computational work has always been time consuming, costly and in general not available to people without programming skills. We hope that we can fix that gap by providing software that can help anyone across different fields (you) to be able to get answer from your data. We want to help you and facilitate the entire research process by driving the generation of creative hypothesis based on the computational results. Data hides a lot of information, you just need a tool to see the patterns.

As firm believers in open-science and open-source, we think that today more than ever there is a need for open-source software that is not hidden behind proprietary corporate curtains. Our software, due to the profound impact it has to change the way we are doing research and science, has to remain from people and for people.