Month: November 2019

Deep functional synthesis: a machine learning approach to gene functional enrichment

Gene functional enrichment is a mainstay of genomics, but it relies on manually curated databases of gene functions that are incomplete and unaware of the biological context. Here we present an alternative machine learning approach, Deep Functional Synthesis (DeepSyn), which moves beyond gene function databases to dynamically infer the functions of a gene set from…
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Semi-supervised machine learning facilitates cell colocalization and tracking in intravital microscopy

2-photon intravital microscopy (2P-IVM) is a key technique to investigate cell migration and cell-to-cell interactions in organs and tissues of living organisms. Focusing on immunology, 2P-IVM allowed recording videos of leukocytes during the immune response, highlighting unprecedented mechanisms of the immune system. However, the automatic analysis of the acquired videos remains challenging and poorly reproducible.…
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