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SIMON is powerful, flexible, open-source AI platform


genular is a community behind SIMON an open source Machine Learning KnowledgeDiscovery software, built by a vibrant community of people just like you! Join us and make SIMON even more cool!


Exploratory analysis of machine learning results with help of many different visualization techniques will give you instant insights into models and data


You can discover relevant trends and patterns with ease, that would usually take years of manual handcrafting.

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Getting started is easy! Join our community and help us make science more open and better! Just go to our GitHub page and follow installation instructions.

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SIMON is a powerful, flexible, open-source and easy to use knowledge discovery application. Currently SIMON implements machine learning and statistical data discovery features that will help you to easily illustrate dynamic relationships and provide you with a structural sense of your data.

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genular is created and supported by a open source community of users, developers and enthusiasts from around the globe.

We are always welcoming you to join us and make scientific software more accessible to scientists and users across the globe!



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Prediction and characterization of transcription factors involved in drought stress response

Transcription factors (TFs) play a central role in regulating molecular level responses of plants to external stresses such as water limiting conditions, but identification of such TFs in the genome[…]

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Identification of Stem Cells from Large Cell Populations with Topological Scoring

Machine learning and topological analysis methods are becoming increasingly used on various large-scale omics datasets. Modern high dimensional flow cytometry data sets share many features with other omics datasets like[…]

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Machine Learning and Optimal Control of Enzyme Activities to Preserve Solvent Capacity in the Cell

Experimental measurements or computational model predictions of the post-translational regulation of enzymes needed in a metabolic pathway is a difficult problem. Consequently, regulation is mostly known only for well-studied reactions[…]

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